Certus IS Data Done Right

Whether you are preparing a Good Faith Estimate (GFE), HUD-1 Settlement Statement, or preparing your documents for recording, you want accurate information. Certus Recording data provides accurate data instantly for your residential real estate transactions. While recording fees for documents are calculated for you, Certus also provides the transfer taxes on real property purchases as well as mortgage taxes when applicable on purchases. Mortgage taxes and intangible taxes are provided when they apply to refinance transactions as well. At Certus, we understand that the greatest losses are those you suffer when the taxes are not disclosed and collected accurately.

What Certus Offers

Certus Recording brings you more than just recording fees and taxes. We provide a variety of information key to recording your documents without losses or rejections. Here's what we offer:

  • Recording fees and taxes
  • Exemptions from taxes
  • Recording office details
  • Recording requirements, including formatting
  • Recording instructions, forms required,
    and other important information
  • Guarantee
  • Integration support
  • News alerts to inform you of changes
  • FAQs
  • Nationwide coverage, all jurisdictions, all 50 states
  • User friendly website or xml integration available
  • Covers all residential real estate transactions
Access to Certus Recording Data

Certus Recording data is available through an easy to use GUI for those who want to have real time access to recording fees and taxes when you're on the phone with a customer or preparing your documents. The easy to use screens allow any member of your team to get the correct fees and taxes without being an expert. We've made it simple. The website is available to your team or your clients 24/7. Plus you can place the link on your website to make access easier.

For those who want to integrate the recording fees and taxes into your current workflow system, Certus Recording offers xml integration. Our Programmer's Guide gives your developers all the information they need to easily integrate, but we are also available to answer any questions they may have. Our integration support team is dedicated to ensuring your integration is quick, simple, and well supported.

Our Clients