About Us

Certus is Latin for "certain". You want to be certain that your quotes are accurate when you provide government recording fees and taxes on a Good Faith Estimate or a HUD-1 Settlement Statement. You also want to be certain that when your documents arrive at the recorder's office, that they will be recorded without any fee or formatting issues. That's why we put Certus in our company name. We make it our daily goal to provide you the most accurate fees and taxes as well as other recording requirements.


Like you, we were frustrated. Certus Recording, LLC was born out of that frustration. We wanted accurate information about recording fees, taxes, and recording requirements. As a real estate recording information company, we focus on offering the most accurate and comprehensive recording information through a simple solution. Our team of professions comes from the industry. We have backgrounds in mortgage lending, title settlement, recording, and software development. At Certus, we took on the challenge with talent and replaced frustration with results.

  • Fees and taxes are verified
  • Calculations are tested, then tested again
  • Recording offices are constantly contacted
  • Pending legislation is monitored
  • Fees are updated continuously
  • Emails are sent when there are changes
  • Customer feedback is welcomed
  • Industry events are attended
  • Service is king
  • Cloud technology is used
  • Ease of use is key
  • Ease of integration is key
Why Certus

Certus is a real estate recording information provider focused on offering the most accurate and comprehensive recording information through simple and easy to use solutions. Our cutting edge technology is designed specifically to enhance how our clients process real estate transactions. Our goal is to deliver real estate professionals with fast, accurate recording fees, taxes and recording requirements needed for the closing package. We provide detailed information on county recording offices, offering guaranteed data that meets RESPA's Good Faith Estimate (GFE) compliance requirements. At Certus, we pride ourselves on delivering the only solution that is tailored to meet every jurisdiction's recording laws and customary practices.

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