Recording Fee Calculator

Certus provides the accurate recording fees and transfer taxes necessary for GFE and HUD completion. Other detailed information is also available to ensure your documents are recorded right, the first time. We protect lenders and agents from taking losses on real estate transactions due to incorrect fees and other document issues.

The Certus Advantage

Prevent losses by getting current fees and taxes. Certus correctly identifies the jurisdiction by state, county, and city OR zip code. Plus, Certus includes aliases for cities and neighborhoods to improve accuracy.

  • Our team of knowledgeable professionals continuously verifies and updates the information
  • Email alerts keep you informed when fees and taxes change

Certus includes the information you need to close your loans.

  • Form fees where applicable forms must be filed
  • Customary splits between buyers and sellers
  • Taxes by name and detailed by the document types for residential transactions

Simple user interface that can be linked to your own website or fully integrated into your system

  • Real time calculations for information that's accurate when you need it
  • XML technology makes it easy to integrate
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Email Alerts

Email alerts keep you informed when fees change, including:

  • Document recording fees
  • Transfer tax rates
  • Mortgage tax rates
  • Intangible tax rates
  • Rule or statute changes
  • Form changes
  • Recording office address changes
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